Social Media Marketing

To understand social media optimization we need to first understand social media marketing.  As social media optimization is a part of the social media marketing process. It is also being known as social marketing or social level marketing.

Social media marketing is a professional or an advertising method that make use of social networking to increase the web presence .

There are social networking websites where companies can create profiles and pages. Nowadays professional companies invest more into the internet presence management for branding and generating more business opportunities as this is the most economical way of business promotion. Now social media marketing has become a part of internet presence management.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is also known as SMO which is a set of methods for inviting visitors to website by promoting through Social Media Networking sites.

In many ways Social Media Optimization is related to search engine marketing where if we implement SMO in proper order it can improve search engine ranking while it differs in a way that it drives traffic from the source other than search engines. Social Media Optimization service can be used for marketing and brand building exercise.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

The ultimate goal of any marketing activity is promoting your business. SMO is a low cost promotion method to give you a large number of visitors on your site. It has importance like it drives primary traffic and secondary traffic to your website from social media networking websites. The primary traffic is called when any visitor is visiting social media networking website and through that if he comes to your website. While secondary traffic comes from the link related to your company in social media networking site submitted to different search engines and directories. It has one more advantage that is extra ordinary like part of SEO strategy you need to have quality link coming to your website.

Social Media Networking site provides high quality links to your website means it helps you in ranking your website on high positions with appropriate keywords, so you need not to have to buy or borrow high quality link to rank your website in search engines.

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