Google+ Vs. Twitter: A Personal View

As Google+ goes into its second week of life, how’s the service doing? I could quote some numbers. I will, below! But I wanted to do a personal take contrasting it against another social site that I find essential. Not Facebook. Twitter.twitter-google

Me & Facebook

Yes, I have a personal Facebook account. But I do very little there. For whatever reason, I never started using an application-based interface to Facebook, as I do with Twitter. That means I have to go over to Facebook and look through my news stream, and it’s too much of a bother.

Also, Facebook largely lost my personal attention back at the end of 2009, when yet the latest in privacy changes made me consider closing my account entirely. In the end, I created a like page for myself, as I explained more in my post from last year, Why I’m Not Deleting My Facebook Account (Yet).

Occasionally, I post links to things I’ve written to on that page. But for the most part, I just don’t attend to it as much as I probably should.

Me & Twitter

In contrast to Facebook, I’m constantly sharing through my Twitter account. Maybe it’s that the things I want to share fit the “short burst” mentality of Twitter. Maybe it just fits me better. Perhaps because I started using it quickly on through an app, I like it better. An app means I can have Twitter constantly open on one side of my screen, distinct from my browser.

(Yes, I know that I could have Facebook stream into many of the same apps that handle Twitter. Personally, I find that distracting).

Whatever the reason, Twitter is my main social network. So with Google+ now in the mix, it’s Twitter that I’m measuring it up against. How’s that going?

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