Google Cracking Down On Toolbars Showing Too Many Ads

Google adsense
Google has been notifying their AdSense for Searchpartners of a recent AdSense guidelines change that impact the use of the program with browser toolbars and third-party client applications. Google is supposedly giving these partners 30 days to make changes to their toolbars and applications or be in violation of the revised guidelines.

I believe the change is in the number of ads an AdSense for Search partner can display to a user through a toolbar or client application program. I believe this because the guidelines only allow two ads per page and I suspect this just might not have been enforced.

Google told me they are making this change “to improve the user experience, we are updating our AdSense guidelines regarding browser toolbars and other client applications powered by Google search and ads feeds with the goal of ensuring consistency and transparency.”

Eric Martinuzzi of Craig-Hallum highlighted the change in a research note to clients. Eric pointed us to a Vertro earnings transcript, where CEO Peter Corrao mentioned the change within the earnings call. Corrao said his company had implemented the change and was working closely with Google to ensure it was within the new guidelines.

From my understanding, there are not many AdSense partners who have been impacted by this change, perhaps because they already meet the guidelines. I have also not seen this covered by others in the industry, nor have I seen or heard complaints from AdSense publishers and partners within the industry.

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