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Twitter ‘gives data to council’

South Tyneside Council says Twitter has released information after it acted in a US court to identify a Twitter user behind allegedly libellous statements. The council went to court in California after three councillors and an official complained they were

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Stopped Buying Links? Here are 3 Better Ways to Use That Budget

For those who have abandoned buying links or greatly curtailed their budgets for such activities, don’t simply turn that into PPC or display money. You can leverage it for three SEO tactics that are lasting and promote positive user experiences.

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6 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Local Search Results

Marketers are no longer asking if they should be active in social media. They understand that user-generated content such as ratings and reviews are required elements of a comprehensive location-based search program. These days, it’s a question of how to

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Google Owns 90% Of Search Market In Latin America, comScore Says

It’s pretty well known that Google’s market share is even higher elsewhere than the roughly 65%-70% share it has inside the US. But we don’t often see just how dominant Google’s position is in other countries. Today, comScore is shedding

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Bing Ups Ante In Social Search, Adds More Facebook “Likes” To Search Results

Bing is taking the next step in its self-conscious evolution from “search engine” to “decision engine.” Perhaps we could equally use the term “conversation engine,” as Bing begins to emphasize social content and even tries to enable connections between people

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Android handsets ‘leak’ personal data

More than 99% of Android phones are potentially leaking data that, if stolen, could be used to get the information they store online. The data being leaked is typically used to get at web-based services such as Google Calendar. The

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8 Steps to Optimize Your Blog Post

If you’re writing and publishing blog posts, but not putting in the few extra steps to optimize and align them with an overall keyword strategy, then you’re not leveraging the full potential of that content and you’re not making your

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